Life,is nothing but a combination of Trilogy of yesterday, today and tomorrow. You cannot ( should not) forget Past and has to live today (present). and plan for tomorrow .This is the alchemy of Life. That means each facet of life is important be it yesterday, today and tomorrow. We are all lucky to be in this great Rotary movement. because of this great belonging, we have come together under this umbrella, called Rotary. It is imperative, that we should keep abreast of what is happening in this rotary world, without forgetting what happened in the past and plan for a better tomorrow in Rotary. For the sake of convenience I have broadly categorised archives in three different formats Information on RCB as Nuggets. Information on rotary in india. As Snippets. Information on rotary world as Tidbits. As such, my dear fellow Rotarians, help me in sending any photographs, anecdotes, news item in any of the above three domains of TIME in Rotary world. please keep sending me your contributions to my e mail ID to enable me to compile and publish in our RCB, website by Rtn. Gourswamy Krishna Murthy ( Kittanna )

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