RYLA Inspires and empowers our youth in Rural Indi

On Tuesday, the 7th october 2014 at 8 AM, Rotary Club of Bangalore’s (RCB)Team RYLA set off in a Bus for yet another ambitious RYLA programme at Government PU College for Girls at Malur. Rtn Mrs Sitalakshmi Chinnappa, Rtn Mr Subramaniuam Chittur, Treasurer RCB, with his friends had joined the Team as facilitators. Facilitator Mrs Manjula Ghodake had brought her friend/facilitator Mrs Aruna. En route there was useful interaction among the Team members as Mrs Dipti Ram Kumar took the lead to do so for the benefit of new facilitators.

On arrival at PU College, a grand reception by the students and staff melted the hearts of the Team RYLA members. As if this was not enough, the NSS volunteers served the tasty breakfast to them. The students and the staff were perfect hosts through out.

After a formal welcome accorded to all the guests by Shri M.Rajashekhar, in-charge Principal of the said college, who was officiating so, for the day, for the Principal Shri Venkateshappa, our facilitators took the charge to conduct the event. 600 determined rural girl students, in uniform, studying in 1st and 2nd year of PUC eagerly awaiting to learn to believe themselves and to possess leadership qualities were divided into 10 groups and the way the RYLA was conducted and the awareness created by our facilitators, they were not disappointed as they stepped into a world of new vision, confidence and transformation. The programme which continued, even after lunch break (nutritious lunch was served with love and affection in a homely atmosphere; one could realise that they had taken extra care to serve us such lunch) was concluded with a note of high satisfaction.

The enthusiasm of the students aptly matched that of our facilitators and the energy was felt through out the day long programme. One could make out their transformation totally believing that they are WINNERS and they alone are responsible for their being and that nothing is impossible. Ultimately the RYLA once again scored with them in a positive manner. The efforts put up by RCB was worth as the rural college students, as per the statistics displayed on Board,mainly belonged to various reserved categories.

Sincere thanks to our dedicated facilitators : 1. Mrs Meerabai Shankar  2. Mrs Ashwini Surendar 3. Mrs Manjula Ghodake 4. Mrs Aruna  5. Mrs Shalini Chadha 6. Mrs Malini Ramesh 7. Mrs Tara Prasad  8. Mrs Dipti Ram Kumar  9. Mrs Kanchana Ranga Rao 10, Mrs Rajalakshmi S. Chittur  11. Mrs Veena Baruah  12. Mrs Tasneem Musten  13. Rtn Mrs Sitalakshmi Chinnappa 14. Rtn Mr Subramnium Chittur 15.Mr S.S. Ganesh 16. Mr.Ramgopal P. 17. Mr Anand Bahirat and 18.Mrs Vijayalakshmi Anand. Special thanks to Mrs Dipti Ram Kumar for her effective guidance and  taking care of  RYLA programme at Malur.

Our Director Prof Elizabeth Cherian Paramesh being present supported. She having realised, as elaborate arrangements were made for our comfort, food etc, that the salaried staff must have also spent from their pocket, ultimately succeeded in persuading  them to accept a token amount of Rs.3000/- towards expenses in the guise of contribution towards ongoing NSS camp.

Our Director adds by way of appreciation : that the Government Educational Institution on hand is exemplary in several ways in as much as the hygienic surroundings, the enthusiastic Principal and Faculty, the eager to learn students all together make it a very distinct one: that the Principal Shri Venkateshappa has a very organised and effective style of functioning which is depicted clearly in his year long plans covering all special subjects of general interest and importance for the benefit of his students. RYLA for his students was possible solely due to his such efforts and plans. He and his staff work as a Team. Everything was well arranged for the event even though he was not at college for the day due to unavoidable circumstances. It is said that he takes extra care and efforts to see that his students, who also come from nearby villages, attend the classes regularly in their own interest so as to get maximum benefit out of the education imparted at the Institution which has : modern cooking facility where tasty food is prepared and served in hygienic atmosphere. Class room blocks are set up by Industries like BHEL. The functioning of the Institution and the enthusiasm of the students is a testimony to his concern and vision. All praise to him and his staff as they sincerely work in a Government college in a place like Malur.

While leaving, the staff and few committee members of the college, realizing that RCB specially cares for education and the youth, gave a written representation, through our Director, requesting for some help in some manner by RCB, as the students do not have clean drinking water Unit  and computer room etc., Such representation was graciously accepted by our Director for it’s consideration by the Board and to extend possible help if any.

The Team RYLA returned, in the evening, after conducting a successful and effective event, fully appreciated by the students who were fortunate to undergo such programme. The facilitators, on account of the arrangements made and care taken by RCB, expressed that they had a pleasure cum business trip.

Rtn Ashok  Kalyanashetty


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