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The first day of July, the stage was set for the historic event of the installation of the 84th President of RCB. As you stepped into RHF, you were enveloped by the festive ambience of that place. The venue was spruced up traditionally with marigold flowers and mango leaves.

Ladies were welcomed with a string of jasmine. Well- groomed men and elegantly dressed ladies mingled over a cup of tea.

It was then time for the formal event to begin. The dignitaries were escorted to the dais and there was a hushed silence as the programme started. They lit the lamp while Ann. Lalitha recited “Asatoma Sadgamaya”.  The audience continued to listen with rapt attention while she rendered the soulful invocation to Lord Ganesha.

As is customary, the outgoing President Rtn. Zarir Batha reflected on the tasks accomplished during his tenure with the help of his Board of Directors.  He then introduced the incoming President Rtn. Vivek Prabhu.  DG Rtn. Suresh Hari pinned the badge and in the true tradition of RCB it was another smooth transition into a new Rotary year.


President Vivek then requested the esteemed dignitaries to unveil his theme, “Be the Inspiration.”


In his first Presidential address he thanked the Rotary Club of Bangalore for giving him an opportunity to lead this prestigious club. He assured that he and his team aptly, named “Samurai”, would with the support and blessings of the elders of RCB fulfill the responsibilities and activities of the club. He said that the incoming board had decided on a set of Governing Principles based on the Honor Code of the Samurai. The principles being:




He put special emphasis on his dream projects: Anganwadis and Teacher Training Programme. He thanked all the senior Rtn’s and also acknowledged PRID Rtn. Panduranga Setty for his support and blessings. President Vivek then requested the DG to install his Board of Directors.


The DG commented that it was an honour to be present here on his first day in office and appreciated the work done by the Past President and his team.  He asked the Rotarians to lead by example.  He urged the office bearers of the club not to restrict the strength of the club, but at the same time maintain quality. He urged the members of the club to contribute liberally to the foundation.  He requested the Rotarians to become “Rotary beggars” and to reach out to the people and ask for help.


Chief Guest Lt. Gen.PG Kamat gave an emotional speech stating facts and real time incidents from his life as an army officer.  He talked about the soldiers’ discipline, ownership, dedication, passion, pride, selflessness and going beyond the call of duty in defending their nation.

His stories were so inspiring and touching that the DG requested his permission to share these thoughts with other fellow Rotarians.


  1. *Ownership* of the responsibility bestowed on him..the way Manish his subordinate ensured that the shelter that had come up in the enemy land was removed since it was in his area of operations risking his own life and that of his troops.
  2. *Dedication* in anything that I do ..his emotional story of the bunker where the soldier died trying to save his injured buddy by getting the blanket to protect him from the cold.
  3. *Focus/Passion* in the acts that were assigned howsoever ever insignificant the task may seem.The post ambush remains of the soldier who seemed to have died with the finger on the trigger.
  4. *Pride* in whatever we do the meagrely paid Indian Army soldier is willing to protect the country for honour of his Regiment & the Country not for material gain but for the glory of doing his duty to the fullest potential.
  5. *Selflessness* in true sense ....How he quoted the Gita and said surrendering to the karma wherein if the result was good it would make the earth your heaven or if martyred then would go-to heaven having fought well.
  6. *Kriya Vs Karma* as in self worth as a non comparative state of finding your own special meaning and purpose and focusing your energies into that and receiving strength while performing even the simplest steps as a journey from inside out



It was a befitting and passionate speech that reflected the current theme of Rotary International, Be the Inspiration.

Two new members were welcomed into our club and the new PHF’s were recognized.

The new Secretary, Rtn. Jiruwala proposed the vote of thanks and invited all present for fellowship and dinner.


Rtn. Sandhya Jayaprakash

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