Impacting Five Hundred Lives Every Four Years!

To me, it was a well spent  Saturday  morning  by visiting  the  Rotary-OSAAT Govt School at  Yeshwanthpur, Kolar  Taluk, Karnataka,   in the  wonderful company of  Ann. Deepthi Ram Seshu (the First Lady of Rotary Club of Bangalore), Rtn. Sridhar Chari, Rtn. Ramesh Dasary,  Rtn. Sukhen Padmanabha, Rtn. Musten Jiruwala, Rtn.Raghunathan, Rtn.Ronnie Mathew, Mr.Chatru Menda and Krishna uncle aka Rtn.G Krishnamurthy.

This visit refreshed my 30 years memory and helped me remember my first hand experience of how the Indian schools run and also about the Indian school system. This school is one of the  seventeen schools  built by Rotary Club of Bangalore, with the help of sponsors from around the world like RoadSign Australia, Jenson Textiles, Germany, OSAAT USA etc. This school has a strength of 63 students studying  for standard one to standard four. The school consists of five rooms and a small kitchen (where basic nutritious midday meal for kids is prepared) and four class rooms.

Rotary OSAAT School at Yeshwanthpura village of Malur.

It was remarkable to witness the efficiency and effective usage of all resources. I find the pupils from rural background, neatly dressed, well mannered and enthusiastic.   Each child gleefully and eagerly wanting to answer a question or demonstrate abilities.  The teachers were proactive and cheerful.  I was very impressed on the percentage of female students.  My memory 30 years ago does not remember a system that educated as many females as males in the poverty stricken rural areas.

The program was to handover small desks (to enable the students who squat on the floor to comfortably learn what is being taught to them), a library of books, innovatively housed in a hang out sheet.  This provides easy access as well as storage of the classroom library.

Another Interesting fact I noticed was how each student had planted a tree on the school premises.  The tree was dedicated to Rotarians and Anns from RCB by the student. The pride each student developed in their plant ownership was emphasized by how each plant was cared for. All the students asked to have their plants measured to demonstrate the progress. This simple exercise nurtured the growth of the plant and the student in ecological harmony.

 In a simple function we  (members from the Rotary Club of Bangalore)  handed over these  working benches, library books  etc to  students of this school   and also  to other  schools in the surrounding areas thru their  representatives. RCB also recognized the best teachers (5 of them) with  certificates of appreciation during the meeting.

 This visit  ended  with a wonderful  lunch in one of  the hotels on our way back to  Bangalore, thanks to the above rotarians.

 Let me confess, I enjoyed every moment of this visit to Yeshwantpur village.  I think about the lives it affects. Each student, their future spouse, the future children, the parents, (student =63, spouse=63, children =126 parents =252). So each school changes the lives of over 500 people every four years.

May God bless the efforts of this wonderful Rotarians and may their tribe increase.

Richard O’Mara 

(Visiting from Oklahoma, USA)


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