Goals 2016-17

Below are the list of our goals for Year 2016-17

  1. To increase the net membership by 15%  i.e, from 247 to 284 .
  2. To enhance the public image of the club in by large and small events on all media.
  3. To actively partake projects/fellowship with at least 12 other clubs.
  4. To contribute by way of endowment and other forms to the TRF.
  5. To make contact with at least 15 corporates for the CSR initiatives
  6. To initiate 2 global grant projects .
  7. To do a major project in Happy schools as our centenary project. 100 happy schools ..
  8. To engage in all activities of the areas of focus.
  9. To have top of the line speakers and appraise them of the Rotary movement .
  10. Extend to the extent possible by sponsoring clubs, Rotoract, Interact ..

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