While Waiting for the Ship of Thesus…

Manoj, just sixteen years of age, is our youngest patient. He lost his mother when his younger sibling was born. Poverty and ignorance caused his mother’s death. His father, a D group employee at Infosys lives with his two children in Raja Rajeshwari Nagar.  Manoj had a spinal surgery 5 years ago and went into renal failure due to complications. He was referred to us by a doctor at the Victoria Hospital and has been undergoing dialysis for the past one year at the Raja Rajeshwari Hospital. The saddest part is that there is no cure for renal failure other than dialysis or kidney transplant. Manoj obviously cannot afford the transplant. He is strapped for dialysis throughout his life. Manoj says with a smile that all the staff is very friendly here. His father is very grateful as many of the tests and consultations are done free of cost and dialysis is conducted in a clean environment!

27 year old Sharadamma, had Eclampsia, (high blood pressure) during pregnancy. The child was still born. Shortly, she went into renal failure. To add to her woes, her husband deserted her.  She approached us for help and is undergoing dialysis at the hospital since one year. She lives with her brother who is a driver and they live 12 km away, near Bidadi. The days she is not on dialysis she works in households to eke out a living so that she can meet at least a fraction of the medical expenses. She is very happy with the dialysis Centre and can’t stop thanking us for the treatment.

Radha Bai,  31 years of age, works as a radiology technician at the Dental College. She went into acute renal failure due to damage of the renal tubules.  She is undergoing dialysis at the hospital.

Beneficiaries of this initiative belong to the poorer sections of society; they live in close proximity to the hospital. The excellent care they derive has invited a lot of thanks and blessings.

- As told to Rtn.Dr. Kalpana Udaykumar by PP Rtn. Dr.Asha Khatri

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