We have started rolling!

Spoken English training program commenced on 11th July at RBV School. First project for the year. Director Vocational Service, Nalini Nanjundayya, Mohan Gurjar, Chairman, RBV School Committee, Sridhar Chari and Ravi Prasad were present to see the start of this. As spoken English is so much a need for today’s communication, confidence building and job recruitment, to start this program on spoken English in our own school was one of the plans. First classroom session took place at RBV for the 7th & 8th std. The students were very enthusiastic. Rajesh Itekar is the teacher that is conducting these classes on a monthly remuneration. The feed back so far has been that the students are excited and the teachers happy. The proposal to carry on these classes alternatively with the 9th and 10th std students has also happened.

Simultaneously we have started another project!

RCB partners with Bosch to set up a vocational training program. - Bosch Rotary Training Center. Sandeep Goswami, a web analyst, is helping us in recruiting trainees and has started work. Our target group are drop outs over the age of 18 years who can develop skills, and job is assured after the 3 month program. The 3rd month is on job paid internship. This will be an on going project.

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