The dictionary meaning of Messiah-“a zealous leader of some cause or project” fits our new president to a “T”.

At the stroke of midnight of 30 June 2016 & the dawn of a new Rotary year of 1st July 2016 mint fresh president Rtn Ranga Rao of the Rotary Club of Bangalore & a group of intrepid Rotarians commenced the year with a project.

The took it upon themselves to commence the year by doing a small but significant project at the Bangalore City railway station for the unsung helpers who assist travellers on their journeys.

Rtns Ranga Rao, Vincent Raj, Zarir Batha, Sanjay Udani, Musten Jiruwala & Girish R with photographer Sridhar Pole in tow reached the railway station with a simple gift for the porters, cleaners & parking attendants. They just took it upon themselves to distribute raincoats. Sadly they ran out of the 25 raincoats in 15 minutes flat & were unable to distribute it to many more that had gathered. The lucky receivers were truly grateful for this simply gift that protects them for he rains & allows them to earn their living unhindered.

I do not know for sure but I think this event is unique in the sense that a zealous president & his team kicked of the year at the stroke of the midnight hour of his assuming office.

“THE MIDNIGHT MESSIAHS” left with a glow of satisfaction, with a promise to return with some more. I am sure they slept well last night happy in the thought that they had helped some people with out expecting anything in return but the joy of giving.

Rtn Vivek Prabhu
Vice President & PI Chair

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