Rotaractors Experience @ RYLA – On Saturday, March 2nd, the Rotaract Club of Bangalore conducted a RYLA for the students of the Rotary Bangalore Vidyalaya School. The day began with the students taking part in the morning exercises and drills. Watching them, memories came flooding back of how we polished our white shoes for every sports drill in school. With a bit of nostalgia and eagerness to interact with the children we started our RYLA Program.

160 students from Standards 6 to 9, inclusive participated in the program. Rotaractors held sessions on “My Dreams”, the power of the “Think I Can” attitude, Values Based Winning, Principles of Communication, Public Speaking, Soft Skills, Study and Learning Techniques and Reading Skills.

Emphasizing the need to believe in their dream and the power to think "I can" was the core of 'I am a winner program'. It is rightly said that “You yourself need to protect your dreams and don't let anyone curb your interest”. Therefore, a short program was curated to interact with the classes, to know their dreams and then help them achieve their goals by developing the characteristics required to achieve success. There is no better way than to spend a Saturday and we were overwhelmed to see their eyes filled with dreams and their confidence in their ability to achieve them.

This RYLA program was one of the best that we have attended which enabled us to not only spend our day among kids but also to understand that life needs to be filled with hope, sharing and believing.

The feedback received from the participants was very heartwarming and inspired all the trainers to accelerate the number of RYLAs at various venues.

Special thanks to Ann. Dipti Ramkumarr Seshu preparing us through her “Train the Trainer” programs and to Rtn. Meera Madam, RaC Baldwin Women's Methodist College, RaC Presidency College, RaC SSMRV College & RaC Vijaynagar for joining us and making this RYLA a successful one.

Rtn. Joseph Wilson

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