RCB Speaker Event - Ajit Kaikeni

Service as a Therapy

“Inspiration is the human state where the Head / Mind and the Heart come together to synergistically harness their powers to propel us into a different trajectory of life” was the way Mr. Ajit Kaikini commenced his address to RCB floor at the weekly meeting on the 16th July 2018.

An amazingly articulate Mr. Kaikini, went on to enthral the audience with anecdotes and analogies on how he believes that “Service” is a therapeutic measure for all of us. Engaging oneself in selfless service gives us an excellent sense of satisfaction and peace of mind. In fact it has been established, as per him, as a way to make us humans feel much better about ourselves and about our environs. A pharmacist by qualification and professionally having practiced preventive Pharmacy for 15 + years, he today runs  Buoyancee, a Growth & Corporate Training Enterprise which has over the past 25 years, empowered over several thousand youths, teachers and parents to make a difference in this otherwise complex world we live in. With fluency in 6 languages, Mr. Ajit with his phenomenal oratorical skills had the audience at its edge all through his address.

The tipping point for anyone to engage in active service always comes through an instance where-in anger and courage synchronise actions, like the South African Train episode in Mr. Mohandas K Gandhi’s life. Such instances inspire people to do inspirational things as we witnessed our own Bapu’s life which led him to transform India into its independence. Substantiating this belief with numerous anecdotes, Mr. Kaikini portrayed the reality of life; which is that if you stay in the company of beautiful and happy people, you will feel beautiful and happy, even in circumstances in your life which may not be as beautiful or happy as you feel; and your life and environs is all about what you feel and experience more than the actual reality. Relating a real life experience of his own way back in his rather modest schooling days when his much more affluent companions invited him into a boat ride off Malpe Beach. The boat capsized in the torrential rains and he got an opportunity of saving 6 lives (being a coastal lad and his skills in open sea swimming) which made him an instant hero amongst his much more affluent friends. He said this made him realize the “Power of Service”.

Mr. Kaikini believes that we should work for a cause rather than for applause to really benefit from the fruits of your efforts. The true benefits of service is when the receiver feels that they have got something worthwhile rather than when the giver feels he has given what is needed. If you serve with inspiration rather than with an intent to impress, the results are always magical. Serving selflessly gives one immense internal and mental happiness, solace & satisfaction to the giver as much as the physical or materialistic needed comfort and happiness for the receiver. Service is akin to the needs to many things (like cars and machines, which regularly needs service to maintain itself). When you offer truly noble service, it cleanses you and makes you feel better about yourself  through a chemical release inside you. We should grow ourselves by helping others grow. And embrace oneself by serving.

A truly motivational and inspirational address by Mr. Ajit Kaikini. We salute him…

Rtn. Manoj Nair

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