POLIO NID March 2019

Polio - NID - RCB’s continued support

National Immunization Day was held on March 10th, across India. As part of the national goal of keeping India polio-free, the objective for the day was to give two drops of Oral Polio Vaccine to every child in our country under the age of five. In total, twenty seven members of RCB, Inner Wheel and Rotaract participated, led by President Rtn. Vivek Prabhu and the first lady, and included three Past Presidents, current Inner Wheel president and Inner Wheel Past President. Nine Rotaractors, led by Secretary Rtr. Joseph Wilson, joined the team. They were put to the task of handling two centers – Manvarthpet Maternity Home in Chickpet and Magadi Road Maternity Centre.

The RCB members were Pres. Rtn. Vivek Prabhu and the first lady, IW-P Kavita Pishay and IW-PP Ann. Usha Viswanathan, PPs  Rtns. Lal Bhatia, Zarir Batha, Ramkumarr Seshu; Rtns. Hemant Manay, Sanjay Udani, Vidhushree Kejriwal, Gertrude D’Souza, Viswanathan, Vincent Raj, Arun Ponappa, Ashok Kalyan Setty, Amit Bahirat, Dr. Haran and Ann. Indira. Here’s acknowledging and appreciating their enthusiastic participation on a hot day.

After a small inauguration (lighting of a lamp) at the Chickpet facility, our volunteers assisted the nurses in giving, marking and keeping a count of the number of young children vaccinated at the center.

Some participants were divided into two teams of three or four.They set out to different corners of Chickpet to the four outreach polio booths attached to the two health centers. These were located in crowded streets that could only be reached by an auto or by foot. These booths were managed by local volunteers and nursing sanitary students. The team carried the vaccines in ice boxes along with markers and head count sheets to convince as many parents they could spot to immunize their young toddlers. It was quite a challenge as some children were scared, stubborn and the slightly older ones did throw quite a tantrum. Credit to the well-behaved ones as they deserved an extra bite of candy chocolates from our side.

On the streets of busy, bustling, chaotic, commercial Chickpet the team was successfully able to vaccinate close to 100 children. It was quite a relief to some of the parents and they were thankful that we approached them at the right time.

Back at the maternity centers, the number of children being vaccinated was gratifyingly high and the numbers continued to rise through the rest of the day.

As usual, the RI District Polio Plus Committee had distributed banners and posters to the BBMP for all these centers, and RCB provided breakfast and lunch to all the workers. A big thank you to PP Rtn. Srinivas Murthy for organizing drinking water for both centers and to PP Rtn. C. K. Sreenathan for sponsoring 60 banners in the area. Above all, special appreciation to all the volunteers for their passion, drive and dedication. Special mention must be made of our RCB staff of Prakash, Subhash and Sathya who were there at all times.

Rtr. Namratha Surendar and Rtn. Deepak Nakra


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