Mom's Kits

Treasured kits for moms to be.

A Rotary LSN project for expectant mothers.

PP Rtn. Zarir Batha and Rtn. Nalini Nanjundayya visited Magadi Road Maternity Hospital to distribute 10 sets of baby & maternity clothes to the expectant mothers. These women would have their babies within the fortnight.

The recipients were wives of construction workers, masons, autorickshaw drivers,etc. It was with much gratitude and happiness that they collected these sets from Rtns. Zarir and Nalini.

Rtn.Nalini spoke to them about the cleanliness and hygiene they should maintain while looking after the newborn. PP Rtn.Zarir spoke warmly on how they should welcome this baby with a lot of love irrespective of the baby being a boy or a girl. He pointed out that the lady helping them in their pregnancy was once a baby girl; likewise the lady distributing the kits. And who knows one day we might have a prime minister amongst them! Zarir and Nalini also talked of the benefits of breastfeeding.

The idea of this project emerged when  PP Rtn. Zarir Bhata visited the hospital during the Pulse Polio Programme. Doctors requested that these poor women may be given some clothes for their just delivered babies. The hospital was unable to provide them anything, and the

pregnant mothers would deliver their babies and wrap them in their sarees or dupattas and take them home.

PP Rtn. Zarir was able to get some money from a Rotary Club in the UK. With LSN Trust of Rtn. Nalini also being a part of the project, we hope to make it ongoing and Rtn Nalini will

co-ordinate this project with RCB and PP Rtn. Zarir.

The baby sets comprise - 6 nappies, 4 vests, 1 baby blanket, 1 plastic sheet, 1 blanket for the mother,  1 nightie with front opening for the mother, 1 packet sanitary napkins.

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