Kreeda Habba


The fifth edition of Kreeda Habba, an annual sports meet for I to VII standard primary school students from Malur Taluk, was conducted by Rotary Club of Bangalore with the enthusiastic support of Rotaract Clubs of Bangalore and Bangalore-Seshadripuram, on 5th January 2019 at Malur Honda stadium.

More than 900 aspiring athletes from 30 schools participated in this year’s event making it the most popular staging of the event to date. Kreeda Habba strengthens RCB’s on-going commitment to the less-privileged students of Malur and supplements our Club’s long-term school construction and model village projects in the taluk.

RCB was well represented by President Rtn. Vivek Prabhu, Rtns. Musten Jiruwala, Vijay Rao, Mustali Vagh, Solomon Paramel, Meerabai Shankar, Gowri Oza, Pankaj Patel, R Raghunathan, Vaibhav Gupta and Shailesh Shah and  Anne Insiya Vagh. Rotaractors Apurva N H, Srinidhi S U, Namitha R V, Sharath M, Kunal Singh, Joseph Wilson, Abhijit Raghunathan, Shefalika Sukhen, Santosh, Sreekanth, Avinash and the two volunteers have full support.They collectively attested to the successful conducting of Kreeda Habba this year,too.  Prakash’s omnipresence and his team’s help in the background was another important lynchpin to pulling off the event. Clearly the meet bolstered the need for such a platform so young participants can showcase their talent, competitive spirit and enthusiasm.

The meet was conducted in close cooperation with local education and sports authorities led by Abhimanyu Das and his son, Vinay, who did a superb job of preparing the tracks, arranging for a sumptuous breakfast and lunch for all the participants and attendees;managing the boisterous youngsters and preparing everything that was necessary to conduct the event.

Rotary track jackets were provided to the PE instructors, caps to all participants and instructors and pens to teachers who made the event a success.

The participants, accompanied by close to 75 teachers and 15 PE instructors, local organisers, Rotarians and Rotaractors began arriving at Malur’s Honda Stadium before 8 am, full of energy and enthusiasm.The day kicked off with the registration, breakfast and introductions. The opening ceremony began at 10 am with all the children participating in a march past, offering smart salutes to the guests of honour including the RCB President and the Malur Block Education Officer, Madhav Reddy. This was followed by flag hoisting and the main events kicked off soon after.

Events were divided into Groups A, B and C age groups and within each group separate events were conducted for boys and girls.  34 events were conducted across the three Groups.

Group A comprised Standard 1 and 2 and the young kids showcased their talents in events such as Frog Race, 30-meter Run, Lemon-in-Spoon, Ball-in-Bucket, Musical Chairs and Catch-the-Bun. The kids and spectators especially enjoyed the Musical Chairs and there was tough fight for the winner and runner-up spots.

Group B comprised standards 3, 4 and 5 and the older participants demonstrated their abilities in events such as the 50-meter Sprint and Relay Race, Skipping Race, Hopping Race and a fiercely contested Tug -of-War.

Group C comprised standards 6 and 7. Students in this group participated in events such as 100- meters Sprint and Relay Race, 3-legged Race, Kabaddi and Volleyball. The latter two events which showcased notable athleticism and well-coached team dynamics were especially entertaining.

The closing ceremonies concluded at 4 pm after awarding gold, silver and bronze medals and certificates for winning participants. Nationally ranked high jumper Ajith was also honoured. For the Rotarians and Rotaractors who attended, the most gratifying aspect of the day was to witness the joy and enthusiasm of the children who remained in high spirits throughout. Kreeda Habba has consistently improved year on year and this process will continue.

If it weren’t for the sponsorships led by Rotarian Prashant Shah, and very ably added to by Rotarians Meerabai Shankar, Vijay Kumar, Srinivas Murthy, Surendra, Mustali Vagh and a few others, this could not have been done and RCB applauds their generosity in bringing smiles to deserving but less-economically abled students of Malur Taluk.

Report by:

Rtn. Shailesh Shah with Rtr. Sharath Chander M and Joseph Wilson

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