Installation of office bearers of IWCB, 2016-2017

It is commonly said that change is the only constant in life that is inevitable. Embrace it, we must for change brings in fresh perspective, an opportunity to get better and correct what needs to be corrected, grow and leave the ground fertile for the future generations to work their way ahead.

On the strength of the experience accumulated over the years, monday 11th July 2016 saw the change of guard of the new office bearers of the Inner Wheel club of Bangalore under the able leadership of President Usha Subramanian and Secretary Tasneem Jiruwala.

Packed hall with dignitaries from the district 319 and 3190. president Usha was installed by A C member SUMA RAVI.
In her acceptance speech President Usha thanked everyone for the opportunity given to her. She appreciated the work done by her predecessors.

Her area of thrust was EDUCATION and she has lined up a few projects in this field. She introduced the theme 'CELEBRATING INDIA' during the year concentrating each month on culture, arts and cuisines of India.

The keynote address was given by District chairperson of Inner Wheel Club Dist.319., Girija Ananth. 

In her address she said Eradicating Polio was imagined to be a herculean task 30 years back when it 
was taken up by Rotary international.

Now we are proud to say the world is free of Polio. Inner Wheel also has joined hands with Rotary in polio eradication. likewise she urged the inner Wheel members to join hand with TEACH program of the Rotary, so that we can together make the world completely literate in the coming years. She urged the members to dream big and work for it.

Chief guest Snehal Mantri of Mantri Developers in her address said how she strived for equal rights of women employees and ensured that they get represented fairly. She said that her organisation had adopted a village taking care of their complete needs being it toilets, schools and hospitals. She also assured the Inner Wheel to partner with some of their projects.

The district chairperson installed the new office bearers.

The bulletin JYOTHI was released by Rotary President Ranga Rao. He also presented the Inner Wheel club with a cheque of Rs. 1,00,000/- assured them to assist them in their projects.

Like Helen Keller said 'WHEN WE DO THE BEST WE CAN, WE NEVER KNOW WHAT MIRACLE IS WROUGHT IN OUR LIFE, OR IN THE LIFE OF ANOTHER" so we trudge on IWCB & RCB in that pursuit of nobility.

- adapted from Ann. Chandrika Rao

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