Installation of new Interact Club

New interact club was chartered on July 29, 2016 by Rotary Club of Bangalore, the new interact club was chartered at the Euro School Chimney Hills, Chickabanavara, Bangalore.

Rtn. Sukhen, Rtn. Ravi Prasad, Rtn. Smitha, Rtn. Subramanium Chittur and Rtn. Prabhu Subramanian along with our President Rtn. Ranga Rao and District in charge for Interact Rtn. Diwakar were present for the ceremony.

  • The ceremony began with a welcome note from the school followed by the national song and the school song.
  • Principal gave her speech on the social responsibility activities undertaken by the school and students thus leading to the formation of the Interact Club at their school.
  • Interact lapel pins were pinned by Rtn. Ravi and Rtn. Smitha to the office bearers of the Interact Club were inducte.d.
  • Rtn. Ranga and Rtn. Diwakar addressed the students on Rotary’s noble work to the society and the importance of interact club and how they can contribute in their capacity to do good in the society.
  • Oath was administered to the office bearers and the members.
  • The ceremony culminated with National Anthem

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