India Hoga Clean

We were pleasantly surprised to receive a call from the senior management of CNBC inviting us to an awards ceremony of their initiative of INDIA HOGA CLEAN on 6th July 2018.


It all started with a cold call from the CNN team to me inquiring about our  Happy school project where we had made happen 106  Government Primary schools with all the required infrastructure like clean water, separate Toilets for girls and boys, play equipment , Desks and Benches, Wash stations under WinS, and brightly painted building. The project incidentally received a Significant project award in 2017.


We had indicated to the CNN team that we thought that of many objectives to this mega project were fulfilled including  a special one that was not directly Literacy was the swach Bharat . Enhancing  quality  of  education, Privacy in toilets, maintain Hygiene were  all simply necessary facilities, while the ultimate  goal was to create Happy schools and  reduce Drop outs. Swach Bharat was the value add to this program and how well it worked out ...


We always believed that swach Bharat did not arrive on wheels to a freshly cleaned railway platform or a bus stand. The litter was just pushed out of sight, and neither did the pedestrian learn why he should desist from littering. Yes the young hearts did just that ..they learnt to wash hands with soap at eating and toilet times  they refused to an Open Defecation  that their entire family practiced for centuries, they carried themselves neat day in and out. They were seen objecting to littering by any member of public too. 


In short, we changed the way a child thought ...16000 children reaching out to an ecosystem of 50,000 people and urging them to follow swach Bharat policies. It was not the cameras or for publicity, the children who took pride in the happy school movement now believed that the whole world was theirs and they needed it the way they saw it.


CNBC did a remarkable initiative called INDIA HOGA CLEAN across the country, and showcased in Jan 2018.18 such outstanding programs in cleanliness to India and neighboring countries. There was huge response from the public and the positive news was appreciated by one and all. Impressed by the impact of the projects, and the sheer magnitude of the works, that it has seen, CNBC decided to continue its winning streak and called the 18 organisations to Delhi to a public felicitation on the 6th of July 2018.


What an amazing program it turned out to be. We met the who’s who of Swach Bharat under one roof, and reveled in each other’s company. To learn- to listen -to improvise- to adopt -to achieve in various aspects of waste management, water conservation, Garbage management, town planning, Open Defecation management  was in itself world of learning .


We were warmly felicitated and talked about in awe. Our logistics and material management was admired. Our determination to go on to 106 was respected ...but their admiration that we have permanently impacted the minds of children with Swachata was our favorite praise...




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