Happy School - Donor Visit

Sid Visits the Kids at Happy School

On 2nd of January, my friend Rajesh Hosali and his family - his wife Tamara, daughter Manisha and son Louis - from Switzerland visited the school sponsored by his son Louis Siddharth Hosali. Louis had walked 200+ kms in Europe which took about a month to raise money for this Happy School. In his note below, he narrates his experience. His school was nick-named “Sid for Kid” by PP Rtn.Ranga Rao.

  • Rtn. Musten Jiruwala

The second of January was without a doubt one of the best days in my life. While driving to the school my thoughts were going crazy, my emotions running wild. And then we entered the school, walked into a small schoolyard, and for the first time I looked at the school, while a teacher greeted us. This started a tour through the whole school; we entered all the classrooms, got everything explained to us, met all those amazing kids and teachers, until we ended up in the office. There were wonderful speeches made and at the end it was my turn, but all I could say was “this was one of the best days of my life” before tears of joy hindered me from speaking another word. I was so overwhelmed. Because truly; this morning, the morning of the 2nd of January, was one of the best in my life. It was crazy that one little fundraiser I did, had such an impact on 71 girls and boys. The gratefulness and joy was so heartwarming, their ambition, their desire to learn and grow really inspired me to do better myself.

Growing up in Switzerland, I always took education and all that comes with it, like good school supplies, benches, good rooms etc. for granted, forgetting that so many people have to fight for these things. Good education, in my opinion, is our greatest tool to build a better future. It should be a fundamental human right, everyone should be able to get a good basic education without worrying about clean water, school supplies or benches so they can learn comfortably.

What I was able to give that school wasn’t much, but it was a start to give those kids a chance for a good life. And to see those girls and boys really taking that chance, doing something that was more than I ever could have asked or wished for.

Also, I can’t forget to talk about those amazing teachers, who work so hard to give the kids the best education possible. It really saddened me to hear that they don’t even feel safe within the walls of their school, their workplace. So I’m going to continue to collect money, so these teachers feel safe at their workplace and can teach the kid to the best of their ability without having to worry about their safety.

I sincerely thank the Rotary Club for making this possible, for giving those kids a chance and letting me a part of it. I will continue to fight for a better education for everyone in any way can. This morning will forever be in my memories, as one of the most overwhelming, fulfilling experiences in my life.

From my heart, I thank all the teachers and kids at the school for welcoming me and my family so warmly and I wish you the very best in this whole wide world.

                                    Louis Siddhartha Hosali

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