Grant a Wish

Great gesture - “Grant a Wish”

As a part of 'Grant a Wish' initiative of the community service team, four women from the Old Age Home, Little Sisters of the Poor, expressed a desire to have lunch in a star hotel. Rtn.Sanjay Udani was quick and kind enough to sponsor a special lunch at Chancery Pavilion, Residency Road on 9th October for four elderly ladies. The women enjoyed the sumptuous meal along with two sisters from the Home and three Rotarians.

This turned out to be a memorable event what with singing and jokes with the otherwise lonely elderly, and laughter and glee for all. This also meant a lot to us Rotarians as it provided us a satisfying and, in many ways, a humbling experience. We do intend to continue this programme for other wishes of the elderly of old age homes. Special thanks to our large and nice hearted Rtn. Sanjay Bhai.


Rtn. Sangamitra Gopal

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