Fighting The Silent Killer 500 Times a Month!!

In spite of the humongous service being rendered at the Diabetic Centre at Muthappa Attavar Hospital, Dr. Asha and her team felt that a lot of work needed to be done still: “We realized that there was no help for people who go into end stage renal failure. The rural folk struggled to commute to the city for dialysis.”

A pilot study was done in and around Raja Rajeshwari medical college covering 30 kilometres and we found that 14% of the population were diabetics and 2% had gone into renal failure which translated into 2000 subjects who needed dialysis. We wanted to address this issue and decided to set up a Dialysis Centre at the Raja Rajeshwari College and Hospital, where we have  additional facilities of  ICU, Services of RO Plant and  24/7 monitoring  of Renal failure subjects.

Bright eyed and enthusiastic, Dr. Asha recollected: “Rtn. Shivaprasad K and I worked passionately for setting up the dialysis centre. Funding was the main issue. Rtn. Shivaprasad mobilised a sum of Rs 53 lakhs from ICICI Prudential and I was able to garner 18 lakhs from the Mookambika Trust, which included a RO plant.

Rtn Shiva played a key role not only in mobilising funds from ICICI Prudential, but also in providing valuable logistic support to steer the project. He helped to prepare the much needed documentation and ensured smooth coordinated functioning of RCBCT, the Hospital and ICICI.

The Centre was formally inaugurated on 27th June 2011 by PRID Panduranga Setty in the presence of then District Governor Manandi Suresh.

“The facility now conducts around 550 dialysis per month. Till date we have completed 10407 dialysis. With intense passion and conviction, Past President Rtn. Asha Khatri declared her message for Rotarians: Sensitize, Screen and Save Lives!

- Rtn.Dr.Kalpana Udaykumar with inputs from PP Rtn.Dr.Asha Khatri

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