eShiksha – Lighting up Minds with Solar Power

President Ram, PP Mohan Gurjar and I were walking around the school when we heard some children discussing very excitedly the brand new equipments in their classrooms.

Radha, a 5th Standard student, was telling her friend “Lakshmi, do you know that the new projector has English science and maths material in that chip? We can also remember better by seeing all those images!”, exclaimed Radha.

Lakshmi nodded excitedly in affirmation “Yes! Yes! And even better when there is no power our Sudha miss will still be able to teach … because it is solar powered!

Radha couldn’t contain her excitement either “Now the teachers can go at our speed and also if we need more explanation they can go back. And my brother who is in 10th std will also be able to get the same benefit. I love the big white screen!”

Lakshmi was all praise “Thanks to Arjun Menda of RMZ and Rotary Club of Bangalore, we all can learn  more and more. They are saying CLT will give bestest education through modern technology.”

Radha said, “I liked what Harish Hande sir of SELCO said that we should strive to become innovators. Also i want to read the new books donated by Anu Menda aunty. Well Here comes my brother Vijay.”

Vijay “Come on girls! Let us have tasty lunch provided by Rtn.Srichand uncle!”

Headmistress Ms.Sudha instructed her students “Don’t forget to water and take care of the trees that have found new parent!“

In conclusion I can proudly say it was a good feeling to do something for the ever smiling children.

Rtn. Manjunath

Chair Community Services

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