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RCB Honors  Top Donors for its great projects

It was yet another evening to remember at the Rotary House of Friendship on Monday, 28th January 2019 as the Rotary Club of Bangalore rolled out a Red Carpet to the hundreds of donors, who have over the years opened their purse strings to the large number of projects that have benefited thousands of people in the community.

RCB President, Rtn Vivek Prabhu, recalled the immense contributions made by numerous members and organizations over the past 4 to 5 decades who have helped with time and resources to carry forward the RCB motto of service to humanity. Past President Rtn. Ram  Kumarr Seshu then gave elaborate details about the various projects.

Rtn Ram Seshu revealed that RCB, through its various activities, may have touched more than 10 million lives in the past few decades. He estimated that  over the past few decades, RCB’s various community service activities have brought social benefits of over Rs 16 crore. And this when the club channeled about Rs 2 crore from various donors over the years. The multiplier effect is immense.

In fact, there is no way to estimate the future benefits that will accrue from a project like 108 Happy Schools by ensuring drop out rates of children and the economic values they will create by imbibing quality education.

So it was time to shine some light on the amazing number of donors who gave willingly millions of Rupees when RCB asked to carry out various projects. Broadly, the activities were categorized into 5 basic segments: 1. Education  2. Disease Prevention & Treatment 3. Youth Empowerment 4. Public Image.5. Economic and Community Development.

All the  key contributors were acknowledged individually and their representatives felicitated on the stage with a certificate and above all with a Big Smile that came from the Bottom of every RCBian Heart.

The first to get the honors were the contributors to our club’s 5 decade long shining star project of the Rotary Bangalore Vidyalaya that provides free education to nearly 500 students belonging to economically weaker sections of the society.

The key contributors over the years are: Mr. Chandran S.A. of M/s. Essae Foundation, Rtn.. Srichand Rajpal of M/s. Sai Spiritual Trust, Rtn. Prithvi Raval for M/s. Alice Jennings Estates, Rtn.. Meera Shankar for Late Mr Shivkumar Prabhat, Rtn. VInod Hayagriv and Hayagriv for M/s. CKC Foundation, State Bank of India and  Rtn. Nalini Nanjundayya of LS Nanjundayya Trust.

In the Disease Prevention and Treatment segment, the support given by Mr Jagannathan and Mrs Latha Jagannathan to run the Rotary TTK Blood Bank in Thippasandra, Bangalore was highlighted. Other key activities that the club recalled are: Mr. Santosh & Ms. Rashmi of Rotary-Muthappa Attavar Hospital, Dr. Ramachandra of RR-ICICI Dialysis Center, Rtn. Shanti Baliga of R K Baliga and Dr. Sudarshan / Krishnamurthy of VGKK Primary Health Center.

In the  Economic and Community Development  category, the key contributors are:  Rtn. Arjun / Chatru Menda for Rotary Menda Foundation, Rtn. Hayagriv / Vinod for Vishala Hayagriv Trust, Rtn. Faizal Jaliwala for  Zenith Foundation, Rtn. Singhvi F.R. for Karnataka Marwari Youth Federation, Bosch Bridge Program, Mr. Goel of Azim Premji Foundation and M/s. Sundaram Architects.

In the Greenfield school category, RCB highlighted the great contributions that have come from:

Mr. Chris Rao / Amit Savarkar of M/s. Collins Aerospace (UTC), Rtn. Faizal Jaliwala of M/s. MAF Clothing, Rtn. Sridhar Chari for  M/s. Roadsign Australia, One School At A Time, Jansen Fashion Group, Willpuetz GMBH, Trivium eSolutions (Rtn. Deepak Nakra), State Bank of India, Rotary Club of Wesseling, AXA and Rtn. Sunita Gupta for  Laxmi Mittal Foundation

For youth empowerment it was time to highlights the invaluable support given by:

Mr. Baldev Narayan , Mr. Jawahar Gopal and Rtn. Prakash Giridhar for Ramnarayan Chellaram Inter collegiate Rotoquiz,Rtn. Ramkumar Y.G. of  Yadalam Nanjaiah Setty Family for the  inter collegiate Debate Competition, Rtn. Tilak and Ann. Sujata Kumar of  Deccan International School for the Utpalta Swimming Competition, Mr. Abhimanyu Das  for Kreeda Habba and Rtn. Nitin Shah for Inter school spelling bee.

For the public image, The invaluable contributions of our Rtn Tilak Kumar and Deccan Herald newspaper that boosts the club’s public image by regular coverage of activities was highly appreciated.Also  significant contributions have come from:

Mr. Akshay Tripathi of M/s. Taj West End, Mrs. and Mr. Gurudas Shenoy for Kala Vidya,  Prof. Dr. Sundarajan of M/s. Jain University for Aero show, Mr. Subramaniaum of M/s International Golf Union, Rtn. Tilak Kumar of M/s. Deccan Herald

For the Happy Schools project, the main contributions from the corporates are as follows: M/s. MAF Clothing, M/s.Rashtreeya Shikshna Samithi Trust, M/s. Bill Forge, M/s. Sansera Foundation, M/s. Stopak India, M/s. CKC Foundation, M/s. AXA,M/s. State Bank of India, M/s. C.K. Srinathan & Parthasarathy, M/s. H.M. Group, M/s. Ashok Narasimhan,M/s. Acwa Automatics,  M/s. Basant Betons, Rotary Club Mountain view, Rotary Club of Zurich, Roadsign Australia, OSSAT, and Vishwa Treya Foundation.

The  individuals and Rtns. who have contributed towards the happy schools are: Ms. Kanchana Rao, Rtn.  Gowrishankar, Rtn. Kuren Thomas, Mr. Ravi and Ramanujan, Mr. Abhishek Goenka, Rtn.. Anjana Murali, Rtn. Arun Ponnappa, Dr. Bikam Chand  Rtn.. Haran EGP, Rtn. Indraneel Roy Choudary, Rtn.Jagadish D.V., Rtn.Mangu Gautam, Ann Tasneem Jiruwala, Rtn. Nagachandra S.K., Rtn. Nalini Nanjundayya, Rtn. Nandakumar P.S. Rtn. Naveen Sridhara and friends.

Another key project, under Maternal and Child Health to supply Napkin vending machines, and build Happy Anganwadis (child care centers) all the donors were highlighted. The contribution from the House of Angadis for the sanitary napkin project was praised.

For Happy Anganwadis, the main supporters are: M/s. Stopak,   M/s. Bill Forge, M/s. Dirak Panel Fittings, M/s. Kirloskar Foundations,  M/s. Sapna Book House, M/s. Basant Betons, M/s. Vasavi Tapes, M/s. Innerwheel Club of Bangalore and  M/s, Trivium e Solutions.

And the evening concluded with the recall of our RI President Rtn. Barry Rassin’s words: “Those who know what good Rotary clubs do will want to be a part of it, and we must find new models for membership that allow all interested in our mission to participate.

By Rtn Narayanan Suresh

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