Budding Creative Minds

Rtn. Arati Bagai along with the help of Spoorthy Murali conducted art classes for the students of RBV.

“The faces of those kids have been incessantly playing on my mind, so I thought I should write a few words.

In their own ways the kids seem to have taught me so much.

There was Shivkumar (7th Std) who was a natural Leader. Without me delegating anything to him, very quietly and not craving for any credits, he was overseeing the entire event..from stationery distribution to managing queries.

There was Bheemappa (7th Std) and group who stayed with us for the entire 3 hours and took up the laborious task of cutting out paper flowers... This was a big savior. We would have never finished if they had not chipped in.

There was the super creative Shahid who skipped his lunch as he got engrossed in the card making. There were numerous very creative smiling faces, whose names I cant recall.. but I would like to thank them all and wish them the very best for Life! Im sure they have bright prospects!

The kids there seemed to know the mantra of joy…To live in the moment, and to be as gracious and compassionate to others as possible. These seemed to be such natural emotions when I was with them. But having done sessions for equivalent kids from very affluent backgrounds, I know what a rare sight these pristine qualities are today! The kids who are really fortunate and blessed, never seem to be fully alive in the given moment. They are so easily bored and are so full of self pity, jealousy and all the other unfortunate traits of ‘adults’.

Thanks and Regards,
Spoorthy Murali

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