Book Launch Navrati Meet

A memorable book launch and an exemplary dance performance

The mood for the Navrathri meeting was set with the launch of a book titled ‘The 19th Hole’.  It was a special privilege for President Vivek  to have the author Subramanian (Subbu to us) who has been his friend for 40 years to do the honors.

Rtn. Sandhya Mendonca introduced the book by reading a few excerpts and then Subbu spoke to us how his thoughts over the years, became lines, became prose and finally a book. Each story was an incident he experienced himself whether in the crowded stations of Mumbai, a snazzy bar or on the golf course.

He was ably supported by his wife Ann. Usha and daughter Rhea. Subbu thanked Ann. Janaki Murali for editing; Rtn. Nitin Shah for printing, Rtn. Raj Cherla for the’ foreword’ and the caricature by Usha’s cousin.

In his inimitable style Subbu offered all proceeds of the book to our Rotary Club. Subbu’s speech and gesture was received with a warm and heartfelt applause from everyone in the audience.

This was followed by an ethereal dance by Rtn. Sharmila Mukerjee and her dance ensemble Sanjali. She began the performance with a Saraswati Vandana followed by Visarini by her students. Both these pieces were deftly choreographed by Sharmila where you were transported to another world of art and divinity. Her dancers glided on the stage and took every nuance of the music with grace.

Her final piece was Moksha where Sharmila depicted Ma Durga. Here Sharmila had the audience awestruck where she showed all forms of the Goddess and ended her final position as the Divine Shakti.

We could hear a gasp in everyone present as our hearts so overwhelmed. Still in a trance everyone gave Sharmila and the Sanjali group a standing ovation.

Ann. Ashwini Surendar

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