Astounding Anganwadis

Astounding Anganwadis

To me Rotary is all about making a difference!  

So, when invited to the inauguration of three Angawadis,  on 8th of December 2018,  as part of the flagship project of the year, I was more than happy to join them.

Thus a group of Rotarians led by Community Service  Director Deepak Nakra and Chairman M C Dinesh landed at Shivanapura around 10.30 am.  This was our first stop for the day. Tucked away from Tumkur Highway, this hamlet is about 5 kms inside and  is a habitat for 400 families. The Anganwadi is situated close to the Primary School which incidentally is also a Happy School, renovated  by RCB in 2016 – 17. A village temple abuts this Anganwadi giving a typical Gurukul-like look. The freshly painted building was a sight to behold.In addition the kitchen has been beautifully renovated. The whole venue was decorated with color ribbons and flowers,adding a festive look to the function.Even before the scheduled time the place was teeming with smartly dressed tiny tots, parents, onlookers, teachers and village elders. Rtn Dileep Pillai and his colleagues were there to do the honours as all the three Anganwadis were sponsored by their Company, Dirak India Panel Fittings Pvt Ltd.

The second stop was just 2 kms away at Thimma Bhovi Palya village. This unit, catering to about 25 children, had a dilapidated roof that was about to crumble, posing a constant worry for the teacher.  Post the renovation,the teacher was more than pleased and thanked the donors: Dileep Kumar, his organization Dirak, and Rotary profusely. As in the first Anganwadi, we could again see and appreciate the quality of work and thoughtfulness that went into any school project taken up and carried out by our very own Rtn. Magic  Manjunath.

The third stop was at Arishinakunte, part of Nelamangala town , Bangalore Rural Dist.  We were welcomed by Ms. Roopa, one of the officials from the Department and other staff. The building had been freshly painted, with play equipment in place; plus chairs, charts, etc. A heart-warming sight to behold was the children neatly dressed and seated.In her address Ms Roopa was very thankful to Rotary for all the assistance. The  Primary School is also in the same compound. Seeing the happiness on the faces of children and the teachers, we returned back to Bangalore feeling satisfied that we indeed have made some difference!

Vincent P. Raj

Vice-President, Rotary Club of Bangalore

Update on the RCB Flagship Project 2018-2019

With the inauguration of three Anganwadis in Nelamangala the process of transforming of Government run Anganwadis into ‘Happy Anganwadis’  by the Rotary Club has well and truly taken off. With this, five Anganwadis are done this year. Four more are almost ready, and will be inaugurated in the next two weeks.

Further, with the expert and meticulous execution capability of the Anganwadi Committee led by Rtn. Manjunath and guidance of PP Rtn Ranga Rao and, as always, the motivation by President Rt. Vivek Prabhu, work on the next six Anganwadis – in the area of Nagasandra, has also started. They will be ready to be handed over and enjoyed by many more tiny tots before the end of January, 2019.

So, dear Rotarians, keep watching this column for the progress on the flagship project, as we continue to make a significant difference to more and more children, their parents and the communities around them.

Rtn. Deepak Nakra & Rtn. Dinesh M. C.

Director - CS & Chairman - Basic Education and Literacy

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