RCB Gift of Hand with Aarogya and KMYF

RCB, AarogyaSeva and KMYF join hands for the ‘Gift of Hand’ Initiative

Using Technology for affordable artificial prosthetic needs.

Rotary Club of Bangalore has been for the past many years supporting needy beneficiaries with the artificial limb fitments. The limb a day programme established many years ago in partnership with the Karnataka Marwari Youth Foundation (KMYF) & supported by a corpus generated from funds for Rtn. Indersen Mittal’s  Foundation has been highly successful. Several hundred lower limb disabled beneficiaries have been provided with artificial lower limbs and feet replacements.

Thus far it has been inhibitively expensive to help people needing terminal prosthetic devices of the upper limb since it is much more complicated to manufacture such prosthetics having moving hands & fingers including the thumb to enable a full functional artificial hand. The innovation of 3D printing technology developed by the Tech4Health wing of AarogyaSeva now provides a very affordable and easy facility for customized hand replacement at a fraction of the cost. The application of this technology will give many people, children born with abnormality, accident victims and amputees  a chance to get a almost fully functional artificial hand fitted with which they can hold objects and do several functions.

AarogyaSeva has partnered with RCB and KMYF and installed one such 3D printer at the limb centre of KMYF at the Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain Hospital. It will train the KMYF staff to take measurements of recipients and produce artificial hand with the 3D printer and fit the limb, besides providing the raw material and consumables to maintain the equipment. RCB and KMYF will help identify deserving recipients and find sponsors for the ‘Gift of Hand’ programme for the delivery of hands to the beneficiaries.

A MOU for cooperation between the three agencies was signed on the afternoon of the Independence Day at the Limb Centre of KMYF at the Mahavir Jain Hospital by Dr. Dayaprasad, Founder-Director of AarogyaSeva, Mr. Naharmal Mandoth,  President of KMYF and President Rtn. Vivek Prabhu in the presence of Rtn. F R Singhvi, a trustee of KMYF, and team members of AarogyaSeva and the KMYF limb centre.

RCB is extremely pleased to be associated with AarogyaSeva and KMYF in this wonderful initiative and looks forward to help take one more step to bring about an environment where everyone gets the proper health care they deserve.

AarogyaSeva is a project of Doctors For Seva Arogya Foundation – a section 25 company incorporated under the companies act, 1956.  Founder Dr. Dayaprasad, who many of us have met, is a member of the Rotary Club of Syracuse and an honorary Rotarian of our own Club. The work his foundation has been doing worldwide is amazing and so inspiring.

The Karnataka Marwari Youth Foundation has been doing yeomen service in the area of medical help for the needy since 1980. It runs a dialysis centre providing 2500 dialysis each year and supports artificial limbs programmes.

Rtn. Deepak Nakra,

Director Community Services

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