Affectionate Anganwadis

Affectionate Anganwadis


RCB has consistently engaged itself in community service over the past 84 years by addressing education and health sectors. In the immediate year past the highly successful Happy School Initiative was a great success. It is a matter of great satisfaction that the club was able to refurbish 108 rural primary schools.


Our efforts has further solidified and enhanced by the happening of a milestone project of 106 happy schools in 2016-17. The impact was huge and the whole world had sat up and took notice of us. There were 16,000 children and over 50,000 people  impacted with this initiative. 


As a logical course we now set ourselves to provide the community with a unique happy school journey which starts with the anganwadi and ends in the college. This will enhance the joy of learning, create a right positive atmosphere and the dropouts are minimized .


Anganwadis are  feeder centers to the primary schools and also work as a  crèche when both parents are  working, and helps  the child to develop in all areas –physical, cognitive, language, social and emotional. Anganwadis track of the health and wellness of the child, supplementary nutrition is  also provided to the pregnant mother and child. 

 We intend to Improve infrastructure in 108 Anganwadis. build toilets, install wash basins,  provide clean drinking water, play equipment, toys and educational charts, chairs and tables, mattresses, nutritious meals, supplements like cereals and eggs and finally help motivate and train teachers . 

Just imagine the magnitude and impact  of this project. It will be massive and benefit thousands of boys and girls. RCB will now be a major player in bringing  education to the people and would have significantly contributed to the quality of our citizenry.

 I invite you to embrace the project like we do any other project. We are also planning some exciting fundraisers and looking at some district help too . Come, donate between Rs.1?.25 lakhs to Rs.1.75 lakhs? depending on the support from district. Your support will go a long way in promoting literacy of the nation, starting from the grass roots.

Rtn. Ranga Rao

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