Adult Literacy Program

Parents are pillars for their child's education.

To further the TEACH mission of eradicating illiteracy, adult literacy program, sponsored by Rtn. Arjun Menda, was inaugurated where a dozen parents attended the demo class. Even I learnt 3 Kannada letters (Ja, Na, Ru).

Helping others liberate through education was the apt way to celebrate Independence Day. A morning well spent by contributing our efforts to build our Mother India as a self-sufficient, self-dependent and truly swatantra India.

President Ranga, Kanchana, Secretary Vincent, Vasundara, Vivek & Shalini Prabhu, Arjun, Manohar, Ghorpade & Shashi, Meera, Gowri, Girish, Manju, Faizal, Sundeep, Musten & Tasneem, Usha Subbu, G. Krishnamurthy & Vasanthi were present.

- Musten Jiruwala

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