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What you dream can come true and one can dream till the horizon.” Said the actor, director and producer Prakash Raj.

The Rotary club of Bangalore turned into a fan club on Monday 25th of July at 7:30 pm as the versatile actor and Don of the era, Prakash Raj walked in. The man who is fluent in around 6 languages gave an interesting and witty talk on how he reached the panicle of his career.

“I never know about my tomorrow’s I never planned them, I don’t know what is tomorrow” with that one statement he started his talk about how he entered the theatre. Always knowing what he didn’t want to do and that is what managed to give him a direction onto what he wanted to do in life. Going back in time he recited stories about his life in the theatre along with his school life in St. Joseph’s high school.

When asked about his love for language he said “every language is a window” and it’s good to read and write in different languages, especially for his profession. He went on to talk about how every language has its roots and beauty to it.

“Before a role and acting I become empty and enter a Zen master’s life “says Prakash. An actor according to him should be a library themselves, they should continuously read and then it will come naturally like a reflex. He also talked about how the viewers perceive it is up to them, it is their experience about how much they like it and take from it. With a lot of humour he added how out of acting in 300 movies 30-35 are the ones he loved.

How do you handle the celebrity status?” to this question Pakash gave an interesting reply saying “my eyes are to look at others not myself, you think I’m a celebrity I don’t “ sharing that even though one rose a lot in life one should never forget where they came from and be humble. Though he started as an actor being a director has been his favourite as it demands more from him as a person, it might challenge him but it also allows him time for himself.

Motivating the listeners he went on to talk about his foundation- Prakash Raj foundation, where he talked about how it started and what he is currently doing. Every 20% of his earning goes into this foundation and recently he adopted a village where he transformed it to make it better in education, water and the living conditions.

“Giving should not be a waste, giving should be productive and with a vision behind it “that is his idea and notion in life. He talked about the tsunami and how the tsunami brought him back to life and he saw what the people from Chennai needed. With some help from friends he gave the people stuff that would make them happy, like the traditional food and the ability to cook for themselves.

Being a national award winning actor he also talked to the young aspiring actors in the audience on what they need to do, “Read, become sensitive and know literature” is what every actors should do. “Acting for me is a tool to express myself “he also added that one needs to have a drive to achieve success.

- Nitanti Alur

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